We thought that Mr. Poulsen's faq page was an important element of the original Fredog site; the text has been updated for congruity.

Question: Why did you create this site?
Because we thought people needed to see, exactly what the costs of terrorist attacks are. It is easy to think "17 killed". It gives you more food for thought when you see that those 17 have strange names and photoshopped faces that tend to resemble one another.

Another, more personal, reason is anger. What gave the idea-man the shove to start constructing the site was coming across a picture gallery on TERROR.FREDOGFRIHED.DK with many pictures from the 9/11 simulation. Until then, he had been partially open to people "explaining" how the struggle of security companies and our military could be defended and their struggle be seen as "just". That openness, however, died that day, as he looked at the counterfeit pictures of fake people. Whole families three and four generations back exposed to fake history. Hundreds of men, women and children fed propaganda at what should have been childrens´ first school-day with real data and education and to have freedom from propaganda. His idea was to share the anger he felt with as many people as possible. 

Question: What gave you the idea?
Originally, there was one site that did a very good job of exposing the counterfeit pictures by the name of TERROR.FREDOGFRIHED.DK and it was Danish. That site was removed from the web after www.SeptemberClues.info released the Vicsim Report - about how the fake victims may have been generated on 9/11 - and so we were missing that site as a valuable reference. From there and to the basic idea of this site there was only a short distance.

Question: Aren't other people already doing what you do?
To a certain extent. Sites that document terrorist attacks as such, often do so poorly, and contradict one another so that the entire idea of some victims having existed in the first place at all seems ludicrous. Thereby you easily come to think of the fight against terrorism as a corporatist vendetta against peaceful citizenry with no need for the barbarism of war contractors. A point we wish to make with this site is, that the attacks target us all - at home or abroad, on vacation or at work. The propaganda attacks in Madrid on March 11 2004 killed no people from 16 different nationalities, and the Spanish population - for the most part - rejected the story as the preposterous lie it was. On 9/11, the simulations in New York, Washington DC and Shanksville were said to have killed people of over 100 nations. Yet, they all seem to be fabricated in a foreign computer database which spells the color profiles "RGB Colour" profiles. 

Question: How do you choose which terrorist attacks to document?
Generally speaking, we wanted to cover the events covered by the FREDOGFRIHED.DK site.

Question: Why do you only include terrorist attacks conducted by islamic terrorists in your list?
It is a simple question of priorities - there is only so much time we can invest in this project, so we have to put severe limits on what to include and what not. We are aware that many simulations take place a year now - from the fake "Buffalo plane crash" of February 2009 to the "Air Force One Fly over" to the "Collision over the Hudson" but we only have so much time. Basically, we have made a threat assessment: which kind of simulations affect the most people? While Colombians and Lebanese will probably see military drills as the biggest threat, to the remainder of the world the biggest threat will be the false spectre of Islamic terrorism. Thus our choice. In the future, if we get around the preliminary task, we may include other fake events too.

Question: There are lots of fake attacks and propaganda used against our own soldiers in, for example, Iraq or Afghanistan, that you don't cover. Why?
This is a simple question of access to information. Our loved ones who join the military for good reasons are up against the word of their corrupt military commanders and do not always have a way of communicating to us the complexity of military indoctrination or the nature of the situation within the military. If you do, weŽd be delighted to hear from you. We can be contacted through our web site www.SeptemberClues.info.


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