The original creator of the site was a Danish anti-communist named Kim Poulsen who wanted to show his cartoonish support for the Bush-Clinton "war on terror" and - as a side project - expose Che Guavera as an anti-humanist, global terrorist dictator. On November 29, 2009, he deleted the "terrorist victims" site that is reproduced on for the historic record. We have translated his original statement of purpose (in Danish, from so that English-speakers can fully appreciate the man who destroyed his own labors. No further comment should be necessary:

FRED OG FRIHED’s homepage statement (by Kim Poulsen)

On July 6 (2005) the N°1 democracy-campaigner arrives in Denmark.

Over the past 4 years he has overthrown two dictatorships and brought democracy to 50 million people. He has overturned a frontal attack on the modern democratic world's life, health, economy and lifestyle – into a process of democratization and modernization of some of the most oppressed and gloomy regions of the world.

You wouldn’t believe it if you listened to the media, or to the majority of politicians for that matter. According to the prevailing consensus of good tone, Bush is not capable of anything of that kind. He is a “near imbecile”, “a trigger-happy cowboy”, “a fundamentalist Christian in the pocket of diabolical capitalists”, “an obtuse monkey”, and last but not least: “a deadly warmonger”.

Churchill was also called a warmonger. It has not prevented the 2 men to fight for freedom and democracy and thus for a more peaceful world (stable democracies do not wage wars against each other). Churchill proved to be right in terms of both Nazism and Communism. Bush could very easily be proven right in terms of global terrorism. Inaction and complacency are hardly the right answer when our values are threatened.
The Bush administration has this ‘crazy idea’ that all deserve democracy. Even if they should live in distant countries and be yellow, dark brown or have curly hair. Unfortunately, it apparently arouses strong indignation that people outside of Europe could find out about this concept: Indeed, Bush has virtually all the politically-correct choir howling down his neck when he tries to bring this idea into reality.

That he surely does not deserve!

We are folks who are fed up with the rabble-rousing from the media and opinion leaders:
* Tired of the free pass given to pure anti-American propaganda disguised as documentaries or debate.
* Tired that it is okay to shoot guerrillas, but “a war crime” to swear at them.
* Tired of a UN led by arbitrary dictatorships that oppress and neglect their own people.
* Tired of being conned that you can talk all hazards away.
* Tired that a  US-led intervention must always be met with massive resistance, while for example France can do practically what they want in the Ivory Coast, unnoticed and without comment.
* And very tired that so many media and opinion makers cannot distinguish a friend from a foe!

We’ve simply had enough!

Of course you will get dirt on your hands when addressing the serious work. Of course there will be mistakes by the USA. But every choice has a cost: While UN theologians and humanists talk and talk about fine intentions – and revel in what this talking does to their own image - people die like flies. Disorders are growing and human freedom and dignity are threatened. In Sudan's Darfur province, for example. approx. 200,000 have died as a result of civil war. Over 1 million have fled.

Danes dare where others hesitate!

Denmark, the government and the Danish people here have the courage to take a stand - in an age where traditional power balances and the Alliance is in transition. These are our fingerprints on the international community: To consider and endorse what must be endorsed. In this area we are ahead of other, much larger nations.

This we should hold on to,  in spite of the media and the old, obtuse establishment of academics from the ‘68 generation.

Bush should be commended for being the foremost fighter for freedom and democracy that he is. As president, he has not backed off from, but IMPLEMENTED what the U.S. stands for, even when it has been problematic wihtin internal American politics.

His visit to Denmark has to be honored with our Danish, sincere respect.
Therefore: Show up and join us all. Greet George W. Bush positively on 6 July!

PS: Please bring along your good mood ;-)



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